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Police on Tuesday identified the suspect what it means to say phoenix arizona pdf Anthony Ross. Anthony Ross made his initial court appearance Tuesday afternoon.

The man accused of shooting and killing his estranged wife and their two children before getting into a shootout with police at a central Phoenix apartment complex on Christmas Day is being held without bond. Police on Tuesday identified the suspect as Anthony Milan Ross. Charged with three counts of first-degree murder and 19 counts of aggravated assault on an officer, among others, Ross made his initial court appearance Tuesday afternoon. When they arrived, officers found Iris Ross, 38, in the front patio area of the complex. She had been shot to death, according to Sgt. Jonathan Howard with the Phoenix Police Department.

Witnesses said Iris was trying to run away from Ross, according to court paperwork. Witnesses also said they saw him going through her pants pockets. That’s all he said on the record before asking for an attorney. Court documents indicate that Ross has relatives out of town. The children, 10-month-old Anora Ross and 11-year-old Nigel Ross, were unaccounted for, but witnesses said they believed they were in Ross’ apartment. Witnesses reported hearing “two to three more gunshots from inside apartment,” according to court paperwork. Several people waited in parked cars across the street for hours until the situation was resolved.

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