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It is said of Vatsyayana’s Kamasutra, that it is the greatest book of love ever written. All the books are available for downloads as pdfs, and are free. However, since where did i come from book pdf download takes quite an effort to scan and create them as ebooks, please consider making a small donation. You can enter the amount once you click on the books below.

Print versions are available from Flipkart in India and Amazon in the US. I believe that not only did Vatsyayana’s book come after several sacred compilations about the ritual of love making, but it enshrined the essences of two thousand years or more of the worship of love. He touched off the sources of love in the twin souls of man and woman. The contents of the Kamasutra are given below, with rough translations of the various sections and parts of the text. The text in total has seven sections, each referred to as a book, and each book in turn has several sections. Sadharana or general principles: This book is a more of a general introduction and includes 5 parts. This book essentially covers Samprayogika, or love play and sexual union.

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It refers to many aspects of love-making rather uncandidly and has 10 parts! This part deals with aspects of betrothal and marriage. This section looks at family life and marital bliss, and how each member of marital situation mut conduct themselves. This book has 6 parts and deals with the various ways and wiles of both men and women, and how one can make out whether an opposite member is attracted to them. This section looks at rather diverse topics and has 6 parts. The final section looks at making the body beautiful and other ways of sexual pleasure and satisfying sexual desire. The Significance of the Kamasutra Book Truly, if one heeds the wisdom enshrined in the Kamasutra, we can see that the sage Vatsyayana showed an immense grasp of the relationship on ida and pingala, the inner man and woman in every human being.